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Volunteer Opportunities

The Pennridge Greenjackets have thrived for the past 50+ years thanks to the commitment and dedication of the entire Pennridge community.  The support from countless families over the years has lead to us being one of the most recognized and successful programs in the area.  To continue our storied history we need to continue the legacy of support from everyone associated with the program.  With that, we humbly ask for your time to help with one of the following opportunities:


Are you a former football player or cheerleader or simply love working with kids, we'd love to hear from you. No coaching experience necessary  The more coaches we have, the more instruction and guidance our players receive. If you have interested please click here for coaching information.

Team Parent

The team parent works in conjunction with the Head Coach and the team parents to relay information such as schedule game day duties, fundraising activities and other relevant team information. If you have interested please click here for team parent information.

Game Day Duties (Before & After Game)

  • Field Painting
  • Chain Gang
  • Game Clock
  • Play Counter
  • Game Videographer
  • Game Snacks
  • Snack Stand
  • Game Announcer
  • Trash & Clean Up

Volunteer Committees

For a list of our Volunteer Committee click here.


We are always open to new ideas.  If you have a special skill, idea that can help improve the program or want to help in any other way, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Fresh faces and new ideas are part of what has made our program thrive. Contact us if you are interested in helping in other ways not listed.