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Sideline Behavior Policy

Assault, physical or verbal, on fellow spectators, players, coaches, etc will NOT be tolerated at any level. Please do not threaten, insult, or make any negative remarks to the game officials.  All complaints should be in writing or by attending a league meeting. Complaints other than in this fashion will not be honored.

Any person found violating the code of conduct at either practice or games is subject to ejection and/or suspension. According to the Participant Contract any ejection/suspension could also be applied to the person's children.

Volunteer Policy

The Pennridge Greenjackets are a completely volunteer-run organization that relies heavily on the support of our parents. The most successful youth sports programs are noteworthy for their strong core of active, committed parents who are generous with their time and energy.  To ensure the best possible experience for everyone, we require each family volunteer for a minimum of 3 game day assignments and a minimum of 1 fundraising event. 

Alcohol Policy

Consuming alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited at all times. This includes all playing fields, parking lots, the snack stand, and practice fields. This policy includes home and away games. Any member who is observed consuming alcohol in any of these places will be asked to leave immediately. Furthermore, due to safety concerns, anyone who is visibly intoxicated will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

The objectives of the Warrington Warriors Football Organization of good conduct should be kept in mind at all times and there will be zero tolerance regarding alcohol consumption of any member while on the premises.

Publicity Policy

Your child’s picture may appear in Greenjackets publicity from time to time, including but not limited to social media posts and our web site. 

Refund Policy

As a non-profit organization, we try to keep the fees as low as possible to ensure everyone has a chance to participate.  We are forced to make decisions on equipment, uniforms, and pay insurance months before the season starts to ensure everyone has the equipment they need.  Due to the fact that we must make these decisions so far in advance, the following refunds will be granted only if an email or letter is postmarked by the date deadlines listed below.  There will be no exceptions to the following rules.

Through July 31st: 50% refund (excluding the $50 family fee)

August 1st and after: No refund available at any level

All football refund requests must be emailed to [email protected] or a letter can be sent to PO Box 45, Sellersville, Pennsylvania 18960