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Tackle Frequently Asked Questions

What team should I register by child for?
As of 2021 Bux-Mont Pop Warner decided to only offer age-based, unlimited weight football. The age based schematic provides a 2-3 year age span with no minimum or maximum weights. For more information on our age based football programs click here.

My child has a birthday during the season, what age are they considered?
A players age is determined by whatever age the player is on July 31 of that year. 

How much does tackle football cost?
Registration fee for tackle football is $195 per player. There is also a $50 family fee regardless of age, level of play or number of players.  This fee is paid once per year.  This fee is for the entire family not per player. If you register 2 children for tackle you pay $195 x 2 plus a $50 family fee.

Are there any additional costs?
Parents are responsible for some equipment, please below for this information. All league issued equipment must be returned at the end of the season.  If they are not, a present day cost will be placed on the account, and additional registration for that family cannot occur until equipment is returned or paid for.


When will practices be held?
The first day of practice will be August 2, 2021. During the month of August practice will be held Monday- Thursday from 6 pm – 8pm. Once school starts practice will be Tuesday & Thursday at 6 – 8 pm.

What equipment do parents need to provide?
Parents are responsible for cleats, water bottle and mouth guards.  The Greenjackets provide helmet, chin strap, shoulder, thigh & knee pads. Parents have the option of purchasing girdle or integrated football pants. Girdles feature a full set of pads in the thighs, hips, and tail bone, permanently sewn into the girdle.


Is tackle football safe?
Tackle football is safer today than at any point in our history, thanks to mandated coaching education, greater awareness of concussions, a changing culture inside the sport and the most stringent rules. As a nation we know more today than we did 10 years ago and that has led to a safer and better version of youth football. Tackle football is a physical game with inherent risk. We are working with great partners like USA Football on approaches to complement our own efforts to make it safer.

What certifications/clearances do coaches have?
Every coach (head & assistant) must have the following:

  • PA State Police Criminal History Background Check
  • PA Department of Human Services Child Abuse History
  • If they have NOT lived continuously in PA for the past 10 years, a Federal Criminal History Record, which is a fingerprinting process
  • USA Football Heads Up Certification


When will the season start?
The season usually starts on Labor Day Weekend or the week after. There may be scrimmages 1-2 weeks prior to Labor Day.

When will games be played?
Games are usually played on Saturday between the hours of 10 am and 8 pm. There could also be an occasional Friday night or Sunday afternoon game.

How long is the season?
The season goes through mid-November.

When will receive the schedule?
We should have the schedule by the end of August.

Where are games played?
Home games will be played on the Greenjackets field.

Away games are played at a variety of locations in the Bux-Mont organization. For a list of field locations and addresses please click here.

How long are the games?

Games are approximately 2 hours long.

What if it’s raining/snowing?
Games will be attempted to be played in all types of weather.  Coaches will notify parents through email if conditions get too bad and the decision is made to cancel.

How can I help with game day activities?
Volunteers are needed at every game. Your team parent will be in contact with parents every week to ask for volunteers.