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Chain of Command

The Pennridge Greenjackets are committed to open communication and efficient resolution for all questions, concerns or grievances that may arise. However, it is absolutely essential the proper Chain of Command is followed when addressing any issues. This chain of command must be followed by any and all people associated with the program. A parent, guardian, coach or player should never contact Bux-Mont Pop Warner or National Pop Warner directly. Any questions, concerns or grievances addressed to them will be delegated back to the Pennridge Greenjackets.

The Greenjackets Chain of Command is as follows:

  1. Head Coach - Even if your issue is regarding your Head Coach you must bring it to their attention first and attempt to resolve the issue.

  2. Football or Cheer Commissioner - In the event you and the Head Coach cannot come to a resolution, the issue will be brought to the attention of the appropriate Commissioner (Football or Cheer). The Football or Cheer Commissioner will attempt to resolve the issue by discussing the details with all parties.

  3. League President - After discussing with the Head Coach and Football or Cheer Commissioner you feel the issue is not resolved, the league President will hear the issue and meet with all parties involved in an attempt to resolve the issue. If the issue remains unresolved, the Executive Board will then meet and discuss the issue and attempt to resolve through discussion and/or formal vote as to the best course of action.

  4. League Representative - If all of the above procedures have failed to resolve the issue, then the issue will be presented to our League Representative. He/she will formally present the issue to Bux-Mont Pop Warner for review. Bux-Mont Pop Warner will review the issue and determine a specific remedy or may opt to pass the concern on the Regional office for further review

Please note that contacting Bux-Mont Pop Warner is the last step in the process. Any issues or concerns that fails to follow this specific review process will be deemed invalid and therefore will not be formally heard or reviewed.

To view our current Executive Board click here.