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Flag Frequently Asked Questions

What team should I register by child for flag football?

Our flag program consist of two divisions – 

Cat - Boys and Girls ages 5 & 6 year olds with little or no experience
Cub - Boys and Girls ages 6 with experience & 7 regardless of experience

If you are unsure what division your child belongs simply take your best guess. Our coaches will evaluate every flag player an ensure they are assigned to the proper division.

My child has a birthday during the season, what age are they considered?
A players age is determined by whatever age the player is on July 31 of that year. 

How much does flag football cost?
Registration fee for flag football is $50 per player. There is also a $50 family fee regardless of age, level of play or number of players.  This fee is paid once per year.  This fee is for the entire family not per player. If you register 2 children for flag you pay $50 x 2 plus a $50 family fee.

Are there any additional costs?
Parents are responsible for some equipment, please see below for this information. Flag players keep their jersey at the end of the season but must return game pants. If they are not, a present day cost will be placed on the account, and additional registration for that family cannot occur until equipment is returned or paid for.

What if we are going to miss practice?
If you are going to miss practice please email your coach as soon as possible. This will allow coaches to prepare a proper practice plan.

When will practices be held?
Practices will be held 2-3 times per week starting in August. Once school starts that will be reduced to 2 times per week. Each coach will have their own specific practice schedule.

Where are practices held?
At our facility in the rear of Markey Park in Perkasie. The address is 1418 N Ridge Rd, Perkasie.

When will the season start?
The flag season usually starts Labor Day weekend. 

When will games be played?
Games will be played on Saturday; start times are usually 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 or 1:00. There could be an occasional 9:00 start or 2:00 start depending on field availability. There could also be an occasional Friday night or Sunday morning game.

How long is the season?
The season is 8 games with a bye week built in along the way. We will receive our schedule for the first 5-6 games at first. Additional games will be added as the season continues. There are no play-offs or championship games.

When will receive the schedule?
We should have the schedule for our first 5-6 games by the end of August.

Where are games played?
Home games will be played on the Greenjackets field. The same field the tackle players play. The young kids usually get a kick out playing on the same field as the bigger kids.

Away games are played at a variety of locations in the Bux-Mont organization. For a list of field locations and addresses please click here.

How long are the games?
Games are approximately 40-50 mins long. We play 2 - 15 minute halves with some clock stoppage and a 10 minute half time.

How many kids play at a time?
Our games are 8 vs 8. We will rotate players in-out throughout the game to make sure every players gets fair share of playing time.

What if it’s raining/snowing?
Games will be attempted to be played in all types of weather. Coaches will notify parents through email if conditions get too bad and the decision is made to cancel.

What equipment do we need for games?
Cleats (No Metal Cleats), water bottle and mouth guard plus game jersey and game pants. Coaches will issue game jerseys and game pants as we get closer to the season. Players will be responsible for their own jersey and pants. Coaches will hand out flags before every game and collect them when the game is over. Players do NOT bring flags home with them. At the end of the season players keep their jerseys but need to return the game pants.